My First Blog Post! Headed on Vacation 😀

My First Blog Post! Headed on Vacation 😀

Hey world. I am so excited to finally have an organized home on the World Wide Web. I have had my website up and running for about three months now, but I am just adding a blog, today. I have had websites and blogs in the past, but they have never been as extensive as this, as a result they end up dying out LOL. That will not be the case here. is here to stay! I plan to update here at least twice a month. Do not forget to sign up for email updates below. 

I have been very busy in the past few months. I recycled ALL my old content (over 100 full length videos, shot over ten years) and did mass content shooting. I am so happy with the quality of the 50 videos I produced over the last two months.  Everything is shot in 1920 HD, with a professional light kit. You can see them in my video store here. 

I took a pause on shooting for the last two weeks and did mass uploads to my videos stores. I sell videos on iwantclips, AP clips, and AVN stars. I am finally done updating my content there and am ready to start shooting again. I have been craving a change of scenery for shooting content and I will get just that on my birthday vacation.

It is officially Aries season, and I will be on vacation from April 5th-12th. I have rented a luxury cabin to enjoy my 29th birthday. I plan to shoot some of my hottest videos yet. With that being said, if you would like to enjoy my birthday vacation with me by ordering a custom video (will be shot in the luxury cabin) you can do so here. Act quickly as availability is very limited. 

That is all for now. I will see you all when I return from vacation. 

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