Queen Ava's Thoughts

My Fan Club is live!

I told you all I would be adding more and more hot features to this website! I am so happy to announce that my premium Discord group, Only Ava Fans is now live! I have loaded it with thread for the following posts: Titty Tuesday, Ass Worship Wednesday, and Selfie Saturday. I even uploaded two full length videos to the Dropbox videos thread. I added some interactive games for us to play and will even be doing live streams nude on some Sundays.

The cost to sign up is $16.66 for a 30 day stay. You can sign up here.

I am going to post the rules and sign up link below. I can’t wait to see you there 😘

❤️Chatting is only allowed via DMS. No chatting is allowed on any other threads. Liking and commenting on posts is encouraged

🖤Subscription memberships are not refundable once you have used your link to enter the group

❤️Do not share your discord invitation link with anyone else. You are the only person invited.

🖤Only one discord account is permitted to enter the chat for each purchase. You can not use two discord accounts for one monthly subscription. Sorry

❤️Your subscription is valid for 30 days. You will be removed from the group if I am not able to collect payment from you at the end of the month.

🖤If you wish to cancel your subscription at anytime. Please email me at avalovesgreenery@gmail.com . I respond to all emails within 48 hours.

❤️My content is for viewing ONLY. No redistrubution outside of the group. All materials are copyrighted.