Queen Ava's Thoughts

The Fetish Friendly Queen

Hey there! If you made it here, you might be a sexual freak, and I like that. I am too. I wanted to do a fun blog post about some of the fetishes I am into. As someone who has been doing online sex work for over ten years, I have met a lot of different people who have introduced me to new fetishes. Some of them have really grown on me. One of my favorite parts about being a sex worker is learning more about me, my sexual likes, and body. I consider myself sexually liberated and it is a beautiful thing. 

Anyway, here are some of my favorite fetishes.

  1. Black New World Order (BNWO): is a form of race play that I have been into for quite a few years. Followers of BNWO believe black people are the superior race and should be treated as such. I have had submissive white men paying for the opportunity to serve me for years. They do all types of obscene stuff to keep me entertained and they help keep my pocketbook funded. Black New World Order is a lifestyle to me. I am currently accepting lowly white bois, by the way. You can fill out my submissive application here for an opportunity to serve me.
  2. Used Panties: I have been selling my used underwear to panty addicts for over ten years. I have sold over 300 pairs and I love getting men addicted to my scent. Guys have described my panties as smelling pleasantly musty. Most of my buyers are repeat customers that are always coming back for more. It turns me on so much knowing guys around the world are stroking their cocks to how yummy my pussy smells.
  3. Homewrecking: I love having guys in a vulnerable place. Your wife or GF might be cute. But I am a total hottie. And you know I have the best pussy. I have customers who have been married for decades but are still addicted to my hairy, ebony, pussy. Something gets me so wet about knowing you have a girl at home, but you sneak around to get pleased by me. Are you looking for a little hot thing to be your stress relief on the side? I’d love to have a hot roleplaying session sometime. You can see my offerings for sexting and cam shows here.
  4. Latex: I have been collecting latex for as long as I have worked a professional dominatrix (over a decade 😜) I love everything about it. The way it feels against my skin. The way it hugs my curves. I feel divine when I am garnished in latex, all my subs seem to think so too. Smothering a submissive under my latex clad ass is such an adrenaline rush.
  5. Cuckholding: I am the Queen, so I always have my cake and eat it too. Small penis men make the best boyfriends. You can use them for their funds, keep them around for foot rubs and then go fuck your big, dick, side piece. Cuckholding is the only reason that some of you guys get any attention from me. If you couldn’t tell by now, I am a size queen. If you are under 8 inches, I might still fuck you, but you are gonna end up being on clean up crew too. I need BIG dick to be satisfied. Oh, and lots of shopping…you are gonna have to make up for being ill endowed by doing more than licking a BBC bull’s cum out my pussy. I expect you to fund me and my big dick friends too 😁

This is really just the top of the iceberg of fetishes I am into. If you want to see my acting on some of these fetishes, you should check out my clip store.

Squirts, Kisses, and Whips,

Queen Ava