Queen Ava's Thoughts

Used Panty Selling Updates

Hi friends!

I have been focusing a lot lately on one of my favorite fetishes in the game, sharing my used panties with others. My pussy scent has been described as sweet, earthy, pleasantly musty, and addictive. Guys love my panties because I have a strong scent and I am an “all natural girl” (no I am NOT a vegan LOL). I don’t shave, take birth control, or wear heavy perfumes. I have over 200 pairs of panties in my inventory and seldom shop Amazon. My favorite place to get panties is thrift stores, garage sales, and stealing them from girl/girl porn shoots.

My last blog post was also about my panty selling but I have since gotten even more organized and updated my inventory. If you are interested in buying my used underwear or maybe do not like having to use the payment processor here, I have another site where you can conveniently see what panties and videos I have for sale. (No having to scroll through multiple pages here). Not trying to down my site LOL, I love it here. I just know some guys prefer to use cash app/send Amazon gift cards etc.

I will not keep the suspense going much longer. You can see all the panties I have for sale, view my concise video list, and even get a great deal on my master XXX google drive (squirting, hairy pussy, creamy panties, weekly updates and more) here.

😜I can’t wait for you to smell my pussy!